Welcome to the 2015 MATE ROV Simulator
Created by Power Surge Games.

This simulator has been created so MATE Navigator and Scoutteams can experience flying an ROV around the 2015 competition pool.

This simulation uses the Project Kraken ROV (2014 Explorer Class "Judges Choice" Award winner), so its controls are probably different than your's, but don't let that bother you. Feel free to exercise all the flight modes and camera views using the keys shown on the Help Menu.

There are two different ways to access the simulator.

  1. Download and install the simulator on your hard drive so you can get the best performance.
  2. Run the simulator online to avoid having to do a permanent install.


If you choose to use the Download and Install method, once you've downloaded the Installer, run it and choose either the 32 or 64 bit version.
After the installatiion is complete, there will be an icon on your desktop to run the Simulator.
When you run the Simulator you will be offered choices for Resolution and Quality. The higher the resolution, and better quality you choose, the more processing power will be required. If you have a HOT gaming machine, you will be able to max the quality and still run at a high frame rate. However, if you have a more standard PC, you should experiment with some lower resolutions and quality settings until you see how performance is effected.

Download MATESim2015-v1.10.exe ( v1.10 ) now.

WEB-Play MATESim2015

If you choose to run the simulator Online, you will use your favorite browser to access the game.
However, in order to run, the browser will still need to install the Unity Game Engine plug-in, so you will probably need to accept a security warning before the install will begin. This step is somewhat browser dependant, so if there are issues, you may need to use the alternate installation method.
Once loaded, the simulator will run inside a window.
Note: If you accidentally click outside the window the controls may stop responding. Simply click inside the window again to re-enable the flight controls.

Open the Web Based Simulator Page now.

WARNING Chrome users: Recently Google has turned off a feature required to run the unity engine.
Luckily you can turn it back on again.
If you keep getting prompted to "Install the Unity Engine", go here and follow the basic instructions. Then restart your browser.

One other ROV Game

At the 2014 International ROV competition, Project Kraken showcased their ROV as part of a game to explore the Monohansett wreck, and collect "gems". You can download the 64bit version of this game, and explore the wreck.

The keyboard controls are: WSQE for Up, down, Left, Right, and Cursor keys for Forward, Reverse, Spin-Left and Spin-Right.

If you have any questions or comments, please post them on the Power Surge Games Facebook page.